here is the link to visit the EIA ( English Islands Award ) Web Site.


At the above website you can download the Google Earth EIA .kmz file.

E u r o p e
A f r i c a
A s i a
N o r t h   A m e r i c a
S o u t h   A m e r i c a 
O c e a n i a
A n t a r c t i c a 
Individual Country Ref N#s in Prefix order....
1 Division  Italy Islands
1 Division  Italy  I . W . I .  Islands
2 Div  USA  Islands
2 Div  USA   I . W . I   Islands
3 Div  Brazilian Islands
9 Div  Canadian Islands
13 Div  Germany Islands
14  Div France Islands
14  Div  I . W . I   France Islands
18 Div Greece Islands
19 Div  Holland Islands
22 Div  French Guiana Islands
25 Div  Japanese Islands
26 Div  England  Islands
30 Div ( D.I.E ) Islands
30 div spain  I.W.I Islands
31 Div  Portugal Islands
34 Div Canary Islands
47 Div  Denmark Islands
49 div balearic Islands
75 Div Azores Islands
104 Div Corsican Islands
108 Div Scotlands Islands
119 Div Maderia Islands
136 Div  Martinique Islands
141 Div ST Pierre & Miquelon Islands
161Div  Poland Islands
165 Div  Sardinia Islands
166 & 207 Div ST Martin & ST Maarten Islands
172 Div  New Caledonian Islands
189 Div  Mayotte Islands
196 Div  Guadaloupe Islands
201 Div French Polynesia
21 Div  Wallis & Futuna Islands
315 Div  Ukraine Islands
315 Div  Ukraine  I . W . I   Islands
328 Div  Croatian Islands