- English Islands Award -


English Islands Award (EIA)


The English Islands Award programme will follow along similar lines as other internal Country Island programmes like the Italian Islands Award (I.I.A) and the Dipolma Islas Espanolas (D.I.E)

At the moment, they are 414 Islands referenced for the EIA, Islands are divided into different Groups taken from 21 English Counties, all Islands qualify for one of the following RSGB IOTA Reference numbers:

Instead of listing every Islands longitude and latitude, you can download a Google Earth .kmz file which locates every single Island, this file can be found in the download section.

One of the main objectives of the EIA programme is to make people aware of the vast amount of Islands which are around England, especially the smaller Islands/Rocks which people might not have known existed before browsing the EIA reference list.

Update 14th April 2017, Humberside & Farne categories updated.