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 The 49AT/E-Ř23 callsign was used just from our hotel room, nothing fancy here, just a 5/8 wave vertical clamped to our hotel balcony.

Even though I'd tested the vertical and coax before leaving England, once I'd clamped it to the balcony, SWR was very unstable, I put this down to the antenna been located quite close to the apartment walls, I made a RF Choke by rapping 10 turns of coax around an empty bottle of Orange Juice, this helped alittle, but not a great deal.

Out of the two weeks holiday, I only had the station set up at the hotel for the first 3 or 4 days, propagation was very good every time I turned on the radio, I was active only in short stints, but over 300 stations were logged without any effort at all.




Here is a short Film of :

49AT/E-Ř23 IBIZA Isl.

Short Audio cliphere





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